Our Lab

The First Pure Pathology AI Lab

PreciseDx® offers the first lab dedicated to leveraging AI to better inform pathology. Our lab – both digital and brick and mortar – is designed to support oncologists, pathologists, and researchers with patient-specific insights that support better patient outcomes.

How It Works

We want to standardize grading and routine tasks for pathologists, oncologists, and other specialists, so we make it easy to send digital scans to our lab and receive objective, consistent results in a timely manner.


Send your digital scan or glass slide to our lab at the same time you typically order traditional tests


Receive a detailed report with reliable, AI-powered insights within 2-3 days


Utilize the additional information to inform and enhance your usual treatment plans

Initial Products

Our Lab Developed Tests (LDT) are delivered completely digitally without the need for tissue specimen or wet lab. The nature of our approach allows for rapid development of tests for a variety of cancers and diseases, starting first with our Breast Test & Prostate Test.

Going Beyond Traditional Workflows

Our Proprietary Approach