About PreciseDx

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize access to high-quality medical care and information, regardless of the institution or its geographical location.

We aim to improve patient outcomes by helping to transform clinical diagnosis and patient management, which is why the PreciseDx® Platform and Morphology Feature Array are accessible to researchers for standardized tissue characterization, supporting a systematic and objective approach to research across the field.

The PreciseDx Difference

PreciseDx augments current oncology diagnostics and provides an objective review of each patient’s risk, eliminating any subjectivity in the review of patient results.
PreciseDx provides a risk stratification score that specifically indicates patient risk and enables greater insight as to potential treatment approaches.
With its AI-powered insights and intelligence, PreciseDx is able to achieve unmatched accuracy and consistency across patients.
PreciseDx enables end-to-end digital workflow, from receiving digital samples to providing a digital report, eliminating geographic limitations and enabling democratization of care.
PreciseDx integrates seamlessly into lab review and automatically generates a report based on the requested test.
PreciseDx enables consistency across all risk classes for patients, enabling not only greater consistency in patient care and results to inform population health, but the ability to conduct highly accurate and consistent biopharma research.

Company Highlights

Founded in October 2020
Born Out of Research at Mount Sinai Health System
Leveraging 300,000+ Slides with Billions of Data Points
30+ Patents Granted
$10.75 Million Raised in Series A Funding
Breast Test Will Commercially Launch in 2023
Prostate Test Planned


PreciseDx’s investors include the following companies, along with other industry leaders.


Our Team

Meet our renowned leadership team of experts in pathology, diagnostics, technology, and business.

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