Our Approach

What Is Augmented Intelligence?

Lab results influence everything from a healthcare system’s costs to an individual patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan. Yet, current pathology practices are still largely subjective, manual, and prone to error.

Our approach augments traditional practice with artificial intelligence to support human decision-making in pathology and oncology. By providing deep insights derived from our digital health platform, we aim to transform and standardize both diagnosis and clinical management of cancer and other diseases.

Morphology Feature Array

Morphology Feature Array™ utilizes standardized, quantitative metrics in a comprehensive platform derived from millions of data points to standardize anatomic pathology with new levels of detail and patient specificity.

H&E Predictive Outcome

Capturing more information from every slide, stain, and tissue sample than humanly possible, artificial intelligence is used to hone in on a set of 8-12 key features specific to each disease.

Each assay delivers a detailed report with objective, accurate information for review by the patient’s clinical care team. This report outlines a patient-specific risk profile with predicted outcomes, assigned risk for disease progression and recurrence, and recommendations for patient management.

Explainable AI Network

The key to the PreciseDx platform is an explainable AI network with scalable, building block architecture⁠. As opposed to a black box, our platform is interpretable and negates the need for a full reprogram to add indications. The result is a series of robust, scalable, outcome-based assays, which inform accurate treatment plans and better utilization of downstream resources.

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